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Is Your Head in the Way?

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Through my own growth over the last few years as well as observing the behaviors of the business owners that I coach, it has become more and more clear the importance of growing the mind along with the business. Early on in my coaching practice, I thought business growth was mostly about strategies tactics, and systems. Just do this, and do that, then do some more, and then….   Quite honestly, that works for a while but sooner or later, most business owners outgrow their mindset and get stuck in a plateau that they can’t seem to break through.  Then their mind tells them some form of “This is as good as in gets in… (fill in the blank).”  Any attempt to break through gets a visit from self-sabotage.  From there, the belief starts to sink in that this as far as I can take the business.  The good news is that your belief IS NOT TRUE!!!

After putting myself and my clients through a much higher degree of mindset work over the last few years by attending high-level seminars, conferences, personal development programs (got 2 clients at Tony Robbins “Unleash the Power Within” this week), psychotherapy (did you know that mommy and daddy issues could very well be affecting the growth of your business), coaching, books, webinars, and podcasts, it has become clear that the rate of mindset growth ties directly to the growth rate of other more tangible business metrics.  

So what are you doing on a regular basis to grow the 8 inches between your ears so that you can continue to grow into your full potential?  Are you settling for something short what you and your business could be because “That’s just how it is in _______”?

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