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How Tony Robbins Taught Me to Unleash My Power Within

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Couple of years ago my wife and I went to our first Tony Robbins event in San Jose, Unleash the Power Within.  Life has never been the same! I was intrigued by his Netflix Documentary, I’m Not Your Guru and wanted to learn his system for helping people that are stuck by helping them have a breakthrough. He has a training program that teaches his system for coaching but I thought it was best to experience the “Tony Robbins 101” event and then move on to more specialized coaching training. Turns out that I got a whole lot more than what I went looking for. 

UPW is a 4-day intense event that focused on providing with fundamentals of living a life of achievement & fulfillment. It has the high energy of a concert, complete immersion in an experiential learning environment and interpersonal development that deals with issues that I have limited me for most of my life.  Without a drop to drink, I was lathered up in a state similar to intoxication and IT FELT GOOD! Most importantly, I was able to apply his teachings at a super high level and had the clarity to make decisions that instantly made a positive change in my life.

The most important thing I learned is how to operate at a peak state. I’m sure you have seen athletes do it in pregame warmups. Great achievers are those that can lather themselves up into an optimum state and perform in an exceptional way. Tony also taught me how to live of fulfillment by taking time daily to experience what I am grateful for. It’s a system and process that has come in handy with 3 teenagers in the house. 

I can’t really do it justice in a just a couple of paragraphs but I thought I would bring Tony in via video to personally give you an intro to his system… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GL9OnmmjkCk

I hope that watching that video inspires you to explore his programs. I have encouraged about a dozen of the business owners that I coach to attend and the results have been pretty tremendous. I have seen the transformation in not just their own lives but the lives of their team, their families and marriages. Even seen a couple of people that were in bad marriages have the courage to break away and now are living in beautiful and healthy relationships. I actually have 2 of my business owners at UPW in New York this week. I can’t wait to hear their transformation stories upon return.

Are you living a life of achievement & fulfillment?  Have you built the business you want to build and the life you want to live?  If not, invest to find the blueprint for an amazing life. It’s really cool on the other side.

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