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A Star is Going Out on Top

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Star Sosa of Spectrum Fine Jewelry and I met at a class that I taught at the Wilmington Chamber in 2006. She was hungry to grow her business and was interested in engaging me to help her do so. I was in the first year of my practice and a bit unproven. She is a risk taker by nature but also has been a business owner long enough to be cautious. Star said, “I’ll give your coaching program for 90 days. If it works for me, we’ll keep going.” Over 12 years later, it is finally time for her to graduate from her coaching program. 

Star has been the model ActionCOACH case study.  She has grown her customer base, sales & profits exponentially. Along the way, she has built an incredible team that designs, crafts, and sells stunning and award-winning fine jewelry. She has achieved the aspirations of many business owners by building a commercial, profitable enterprise that can operate without her for extended periods of time. With her investment in developing herself and her team through training, conferences, coaching, test, and measure, and systems, Star has successfully built a successful business that she owns instead of the one that owned her 12 years ago.  She has also been a source of inspiration and support to so many business owners in the community.

The jewelry industry offers a unique opportunity for a business owner to go out with a bang. Like many fine jewelry stores, she has built up a lot of inventory over the years. Like a good business owner, she has been prudent and avoided temptations to frequently discount.  With the closing of the business after the holidays, everything needs to go.  It presents a great opportunity to pick up unique jewelry at deeply discounted prices

This week’s announcement has created an outpouring of concern and support for Star. Is there a health issue or financial problems? Nothing could be further from the truth.  Star is from a strong pool of genetics (her parents are both nearing 90) so she is as healthy as ever, full of energy and enthusiasm, and the business has continued to grow year after year.   After 21 years Star is simply ready to move on to the next chapter of her life. She wants to free herself up to assist her aging parents. Star has also had her niece and her 2 young children move in with her and she wants to spend more time enjoying that experience. 

We will miss her greatly within the local ActionCOACH Community of business owners where she has been a great leader, a source of inspiration and support to so many business owners over the years.  Like a good church member, she was one of those that is there every time the local ActionCOACH doors are open, always there to grow herself and others around her.

If you want to be a part of Star’s final chapter and send her off in style, drop by Spectrum Fine Jewelry over the next few weeks and check out what all the fuss is about. I’m sure that your holiday dollars will go a lot further than normal and you will be supporting great local business and business owner that has done so much to support the local community and made Wilmington a more beautiful and elegant place to live.

Something to ponder….When it is your time to exit from your business, will it be on your terms?  Will you go out on top with your head held high?  What are the changes you need to make to build a more profitable business that works without you for weeks at a time?  If you are short of that, don’t worry, Star was where you were at one point. The good news is that you have access to the same coaching, training, community, and support that she did. The only question is, are you as committed as she was to actually make it a reality.

Coach Reggie


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