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As a continuation of “The Life and Business You Want to Build” article, what is the reason why & what to do about it. First step, break your life down in slices and examine what slice you are not getting the results you want. Is it financial, spiritual, relationships, physical, emotions & meaning, time, work and/or business?  You should also break those down into smaller slices i.e. business could break down into team management, marketing, sales, financial, operations, systemization… 

As you examine those various slices that are contributing to your overall results examine the following. Who were my mentors and teachers in that area and how good were they? What was the quality of knowledge and education I received from them? How did that impact my beliefs and dreams? How does that shape the decisions I make?  The actions I take? The results I get? Working your way through that path determines your quality of life in that slice of life. The accumulation of those slices affects your overall quality of life.

So quick personal example in the context of parenting: If someone you know has a poor quality of life as a parent and they have raised incorrigible and rotten little children it is likely because they had poor mentors and teachers in the area of parenting.  As a result, they have poor knowledge and education that has created low quality beliefs that results in poor decisions and actions. The result is miserable little children.  Have you ever been around those kids that are terrorizing a restaurant or kicking the back of your seat on an airplane?

In the context of growing and developing your team: if an owner/manager is struggling to manage, coach, grow and develop their individual team members and their team as a whole,  it is likely that the quality of mentors and teachers in that area were weak thus producing a poor quality level of knowledge and education in you. From there, poor quality beliefs, decisions, actions, and results lead to a mediocre team that operates at a fraction of its potential.

So what to do about it? Go back to the core and find better mentors and teachers that will provide you with a better quality of knowledge and education. In today’s world with the abundance of books, audios, videos, podcasts, whitepapers, blogs, seminars, training courses ….  there is no shortage of easily accessible resources. You will find with the higher quality of education that you receive you will have higher quality beliefs, make better quality decisions, take better quality actions and have better quality results.

What are the areas in your life and business that need to be improved?  Who are the mentors and teachers that you need to seek out? What is the knowledge and education that you need to acquire from them?

Something that I continue to learn is that the more knowledge I have, the easier things become.

Coach Reggie


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