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Propellers & Boat Anchors (Friends and Family Version)

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As we embark on an extended holiday weekend, we will find ourselves with family and friends that can either propel us forward or anchor us down.  Although the impact is a little more subtle as you generally spend a lot less time with friends and family than your employees, it is also far less likely that you are going to be able to simply cut them loose.  While you can’t choose your family and you often keep long-term friends out of loyalty, you can choose the level of exposure that you have to them.  Like the sun, a bit of exposure is usually a good and healthy thing but too much can be harmful in the short and long term. How much is too much? It depends on the intensity of the sun and the sensitivity of your skin. You know yourself & the environment you are in so use your best judgment to avoid getting overexposed.

Give some consideration to the cast of characters that you will be around this holiday season and the impact that they have on you. Chances are they are not progressing and growing at the same level you are and it is you that has changed.  Have some patience for the left behind but don’t let them hold you down. Changing your state or proximity can help. See If you can find a propeller in the crowd to keep you afloat. Of course, you can fire your own motor up and see if anyone wants to hop on for a ride.

What impact do your friends and family have on the business you want to build and the life you want to live?  What relationships do you need to expand? Limit? Eliminate?

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