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How Tony Robbins Helped Me with My Gratitude Game

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Tis the season to be thankful and grateful.  I mentioned my Unleash the Power Within experience last week and how it taught me to operate at a peak state to live a life of greater achievement. Tony warned us to make sure that we don’t just focus on achievement as there are plenty of accomplished and successful people in the world that are unhappy and unfulfilled. The key to a beautiful life is not only living a life of achievement but also living a life of fulfillment. He took us through a couple of exercises that had us examine a lot of the circumstances in our lives that have us at this amazing and beautiful place at this point in our lives. It was both powerful and emotional. Most importantly it gave me a simple process that I use regularly in my life to examine what I am grateful for.

I would love for you to learn more about this directly from Tony.  While you are in the car traveling to your Thanksgiving destination or preparing at home, listen to Tony teach about this area on the Tim Ferris Podcast… https://tim.blog/2016/08/10/tony-robbins-on-achievement-versus-fulfillment/. The lead up to the conversation is great but if you are short on time & want to get right to the meat of the teaching on gratitude fast forward to 40:00 and pick it up from there. Tony will also lead you through an exercise that will walk you through a simple and powerful way to experience gratitude and fulfillment on a regular basis in your life. 

When I personally execute this process, some magical things happen in very practical ways.  My routine is to do this exercise when I walk the dog in the morning. When I pop back in the house, I’m in better a state, my wife is better, my kids are better….  It’s funny how other people get better in your life when your perception of them changes. 

So tomorrow by way of example, I will share some of the specific things that I am grateful for to help you see some real world context.

Until then, what do you do on a regular basis to experience gratitude and fulfillment? Who should you reach out to and let them know the gratitude that you have for them? 

Coach Reggie

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