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Gratitude and Fulfillment in Daily Practice

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I hope you had a chance to listen to the Tony Robbins interview that I discussed in my last Play of the Day. If not, it is worth a listen.  As promised, I thought I would share some examples of things that I acknowledge on my morning gratitude walk.  It is a walk because I combine my gratitude time with walking my dog in the morning.  I kick in a Yoga playlist as background music on Spotify and state out loud….

  • I am grateful for this perfect day that I am living in. The sun that has risen and heats up the earth. The gravity that holds this planet perfectly in the solar system. The air that my lungs breathe in.  The heart that beats perfectly all day, every day. I am grateful that my heart has never taken a day, an hour or a minute off and systematically pumps blood through the thousands of miles of veins in my body.
  • I am grateful for the home that I live in that keeps me protected from the elements. The safety that exists in my neighborhood that is free from violence.
  • I am grateful for my family. For my wife and the love, passion, and friendship that we share. My oldest daughter and her strong will and independence. My middle daughter for her high level of intellect and her social quirkiness. My son for his sudden entry into manhood, his sense of humor and willingness to be helpful. My father that guided me to become the man I am today. My mother for the lessons that she has taught me.
  • I am grateful for the business owners that I partner with and the trust that they gave me to lead and grow them in their business. (then I go into each client that I worked with yesterday and the ones I will work with today and highlight a specific trait about them that I am grateful for).  I am grateful for Bill and the support and growth that he helps me achieve.

That covers the basics.  I often go a bit deeper but I thought I would spare you from the more personal and intimate details. This daily exercise takes about 5-7 minutes and can be done just about everywhere. It is something that has helped me and countless others get clear on the many miracles and awesome occurrences that happen in our everyday lives. If you take some time to acknowledge it, the world we live in every day is a pretty incredible place filled with exceptional people. I have found great fulfillment in spending time regularly to acknowledge it.

How can you step up your gratitude and fulfillment game?

Coach Reggie

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