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Doing Things Right but Not Doing the Right Things

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I was chatting with a business owner in a coaching session about the darkest days in my 13 years of building a coaching practice. It was about 3 ½ years after starting the practice and I was struggling.  The strange thing was that I had had some previous success in which things were going well…until they weren’t.  To quantify the drop, my income dropped about an average of $7,200 per month. As a sole income provider of my family, about 7 months of that loss became catastrophic to the business and family finances as well as a huge kick in the confidence as I was unable to meet my basic financial obligations.  To make matters worse, I was doing a lot of things right. Funny how being humbled and at rock bottom will make you open to new ideas. What I came to learn over the next few months and years that it took to climb out of that hole is no matter how many things I did right, it didn’t matter if I didn’t do the right things.

It took a ton of soul searching, retraining, a coach that was sent from the heavens in an RV, the humility of moonlighting as a cab driver (and just hoping that a client or business contact didn’t hop in) as well as getting real close to going back to corporate world to serve as a turning point for my success. The final straw was the decision not to give up when I knew 2 things in my heart; This is what I was born to do and that I hadn’t given it my very best effort.  The last 9 years has been a steady upward trajectory for me.  I have moved from being ranked the bottom 10% of ActionCOACHes around the world to among the top 5%. I am now among some pretty elite company that was who I wanted to be when I grew up. There were so many things that contributed to my turnaround but I if I had to summarize it by saying that I started doing more of the right things. Funny thing is, the more of the right things that I learn and do, the more I continue to break through my personal bests.

Are you clear on what your ‘right things’ are to build the business you want to build and live the life you want to live?

I stand before you as living proof that once you gain clarity, focus and commitment around ‘the right things’ your performance will improve exponentially.

Coach Reggie

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