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Making Long-Term Money in Vegas Baby

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This Coach Reggie “Play of the Day” is coming to you from Fremont Street in Las Vegas. I’m here on for the 4th installment of the Brad Sugars (chairman, founder, and fricking genius behind ActionCOACH) MasterCLASS Series for Coaches. Although I have been a partner with ActionCOACH for the last 13 years, the Master Class has been my first opportunity to receive this type of training directly from Brad. Brad has done a great job of systemizing, leveraging, and delegating the training of the ActionCOACH system to his team and leaves it to them to do. Of course, the challenge with that is that I was trained by the trainer that was trained by the trainer that was trained by the trainer that was trained by Brad. Over time you lose some of the essences of the original instructor.  He decided to do this Master Class as a way for existing coaches to learn the system directly from him in an intimate and interactive environment. Of course, the privilege of learning from Brad Sugars in an intimate environment isn’t cheap but it pays off.   Something that Brad has taught me over the years is “To EARN More, You Must LEARN More.”

Learning more and earning more over the last 9 years has paid off huge dividends for both me and the business owners that I work with. It has been a powerful tool to sharpen my skills, make positive shifts in my belief system, and generate the mindset shifts that I have needed to have sustained year over year growth. One key is finding the right delivery system that suits your learning style and your resources. Pick your poison: books, audios, podcasts, training course conferences, seminars, workshops, discussions with the successful, shadowing people that are more skilled than you….   As long as you are learning from the high-quality teachers and trainers it will provide the knowledge you need to make better quality decisions and actions to get the feedback you need to get better quality results leading to a better quality of life.

“LEARN to EARN” is quite a simple concept that will produce exponential and sustainable increases if you take action on what you learn. As I have increased my earnings, I have been able to increase in my investment in learning and IT PAYS OFF EVERY TIME often in the most imaginable of ways. I also have found that if I find myself stuck in an area of my life and business, it is because I’m not learning in that area.

What are you doing to LEARN more in keys areas of your life & business?  Are you committed to investing the time and finances it takes to get you and your business to the next level?

I can attest that if you are investing it in the right resources, the ROI is strong.

Coach Reggie


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