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When it’s Important, You Make a Plan

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Why does the typical person get so much done the day before they go on vacation?  Because they have tons to do and they make a plan. They don’t wing it the day before vacation or there will be a consequence of some sort.

When you are hosting an event in your home of 20+ and it’s the day before and a lot of things need to get done, you make a plan.  You don’t wing it as there will be something missed that you don’t want your friends to notice.

My experience has been with most business owners, that they are winging it. They wing their business planning, long-term dreams and goals, their annual and quarterly growth planning, and their monthly, weekly and daily action plan.

Most people don’t PLAN for success…they HOPE for it.  At this point I get to bust out one of my favorite business quotes, “Hope IS NOT a Strategy!”  

Can you have success without a plan? Certainly, you can.  More times than not, if you have success without a plan, it is a function of luck.  While I would rather be lucky than good, as I was reminded in Vegas this last week, sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are not. If you want greater certainty in sustained success, having a quality plan will make a huge difference. 

The results at the end of 2019 will be a result of the quality of your plan for the next 12 months. As you close the year and start a new, will it be another year of ‘winging it’ or will you build a high-quality plan that will create high-quality actions and results?

Are you winging it? Is the lack of a quality plan impacting the quality of your results?

If you didn’t get the results out of 2018 that you had hoped for, the first steps to a great 2019 is a great 2019 plan.

Coach Reggie

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