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Coach Reggie Play of the Day – The Tyranny of Reasonable

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Are you falling victim to reason and are your results showing as such?

Think back to the times that you had the most growth and achieved at a high level.  How about the time that you achieved at your true potential and stretched yourself to a point beyond your perceived capabilities? I am fairly certain that in those times there was someone in your life that you considered being unreasonable pushing you to that level. Most likely in those situations, there was a coach, teacher, mentor, parent, friend or counselor that wouldn’t accept the limits that you put upon yourself and pushed you for more. They may have challenged, angered, frustrated, and/or humbled you. You may have gotten pissed and cursed them under your breath or in a shout but you accepted the challenge and didn’t quit. On the other side of the accomplishment, you appreciated what they did for you.

The first experience of an unreasonable coach was my freshman year with an Oklahoma Football Legend named Ben Hart. Coach Hart was an Oklahoma Football legend. He was a 4-year high school starter that was considered the most dominant player in the state. He went on to the University of Oklahoma and was an All-Big 8 Player and Coaches All-American. He was drafted in the 3rd round by the New Orleans Saints. By the time that I experienced Coach Hart in the fall of 1987 as a freshman football player, he was a lot different. He was overweight and walked with a limp after a life of his knees taking a beating. My grandfather told my dad that it was hard to believe what had become of one of the most amazing athletes that he had ever seen step onto a football field. In spite of his physical limitations, he was tough! He put us through drills that broke us down. He made several 14-year-old boys cry during those drills. I remember one of our better and more experienced players getting into the locker room, crying “I hate him! I hate him!”

About a week later we had a scrimmage against one of the teams that Coach Hart used to coach. As soon as they saw him, they swarmed around him and were so excited to see him.  I reckon they “Hated him” at one point as well but then loved him in hindsight for the challenge he provided them and the growth they saw as a result. He was “Unreasonable” and as a result, his teams and players grew at an unusual rate. Of all the sporting coaches that I have ever had, Ben Hart was the toughest and I appreciated him the most.

In your business do you find yourself accepting reasonable outcomes?  Do you have an unreasonable person in your life that demands your very best? If not, it is likely that you are falling short of the true potential and personal best that exists in your business, your life and the lives of all that you touch.

When are you going to start demanding more of yourself and others around you? Who do you need to add to your life on a regular basis that will be unreasonable and demand your very best?

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