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Are You Being Pulled or Pushed?

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Do you have something that pulls you every day? Is there something that gets you up and going before you have to? Are you acting with a sense of urgency and achieving your goals at an accelerated rate.

If not, it is likely that there is a lack of clarity of WHY you are trying to achieve what you are working towards. I’ve often found that when someone has set a goal or dream that they are trying to achieve but lacks the drive to do the heavy lifting that it takes to actually achieve it, it is a result of lack of clarity and commitment. They have set a “that would be nice” goal instead of an “I HAVE TO!” goal. It is a wish versus a commitment. 

I have also found that when someone is super clear on what they want, why they want it and they are 100% committed to it there is very little that will stop them. They are pulled with clarity, passion, and sense of purpose!

As you are rolling into the time of year that you examine what accomplished in 2018 & what you want from 2019, are you super clear on your long-term dreams and goals? Are you building a 2019 plan that will ensure that you on track?  Will those dreams and goals pull you forward out of your old habits & current comfort zone?

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