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It’s Not Promotional Media

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The last 10 years of social media have been great for me personally. It gives me a great tool to stay connected and engaged with people that have dropped in and out of different chapters of my life. Even had a few ex-girlfriends reconnect with me and then for some reason they unfriended me. I can only guess that they couldn’t be reminded of the life they missed out on.  :-0    I guess haters gonna hate 😉 

Social has been great for many businesses. It has leveled the playing field and provided a lower entry point to reach a massive marketplace at an extremely affordable cost when compared to other traditional media outlets. It also has been a complete failure for so many businesses that just don’t get it. Those that try to use it as a low-cost promotional medium are often disappointed with the outcomes. Over the last decade, I have had so many ambitious business people say that HAVE TO DO social media as a promotional strategy.  NO, NO, NO you don’t! Unless you ‘get it’ and know how to ‘work the room’ then you can R-E-L-A-X.  You can have a very successful business without Facebooking, Tweeting or Tooting. 

If you do want to make the most of Social you must remember that it is called SOCIAL Media NOT PROMOTIONAL Media! I see so many businesses that are sharing lame articles, using salesy pitches and gimmicks to try to market in a social environment. It’s the equivalent of pushing business cards at a wedding reception. It’s the wrong place time and place.  The room votes bad posts down with the absence of likes, comments, and shares (the 3 key performance indicators of an effective social media post).

If you want social to work for your business BE SOCIAL.  You can talk about your business on social media, just BE SOCIAL.  Show the behind the scenes, tell the stories about you, your team and your customers. Talk about the good, bad and the ugly.  Be authentic and transparent.  Look at the interest that exists on reality TV in our culture. You have a media outlet at your disposal that has more market share than all of the current on-air TV networks COMBINED! 

I have a mantra about my social media posts, “If I can’t be interesting then I won’t create a post to prove I’m not.” So, dig deep and be interesting. Shoot candid videos. Tell good stories. Let them in on the inside. Most importantly remember how you are either annoyed or ignore the ad posts. Don’t be that guy/girl.

BTW, if we aren’t friends on Facebook, shoot me a friend request at https://www.facebook.com/reggie.shropshire. I’ll do my best to be interesting and fascinating or be silent. 

Coach Reggie


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