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You Hang Out With Employees So You Think Like an Employee

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An environment is extremely powerful in shaping your actions, behavior, and decisions. Sometimes it happens without conscious awareness. It’s the old “Keeping up with the Joneses” phenomena.  As you spend time with others, you end up with similar desires, thoughts, behaviors, beliefs, and values. You may even begin to take on some of the identity of the Joneses. At that point, your relatives that you see every once and a while at reunions scoff at how much you have changed once you moved into that snooty new neighborhood. In many cases, the Joneses pull you up and out of your comfort zone and help you experience a new world outside of the previous one. Generally good stuff as long as you are making positive changes and don’t end up having an affair with Mr. or Mrs. Jones.

As a progressive business owner that is trying to grow themselves and their business, one of the biggest sources of resistance that they face is that an overwhelming amount of the people in their environment are employees. As a result, they think, act, believe, and take on the values of employees. That leads to thoughts of short-term and feel good employee thinking as opposed what’s best for the long-term viability, health, and profitability of the business.  Trust me, most employees aren’t overly concerned about the profitability and long-term viability of the business.  As long as their check clears and their income increases, they are perfectly fine working in your not for profit business that is supposed to be returning a positive ROI. It is hard to think about growth and progression with a team of employees that are focused on certainty, security and maintaining status quo.  The longer-term reality is that if you are not growing and progressing you are slowly dying. Once you start to die, the employees are free agents able to quickly move on with a clean slate leaving you with the commitments and entanglements that you created trying to make payroll while the ship is sinking. 

The reality is that growing and progressing in a business is hard. Most people fail at it and most of the survivors are frustrated and have settled short of their original dreams, goals, and aspirations.  One key to reversing the trend of failure and frustration and to accelerate success is to put yourself in the right environment. An environment of progressive and growth-minded business owners, a rare breed among the 7% of the world’s population that owns a business. An environment that will share their success stories, lessons learned and best practices with you.  Also, a group that will share their challenges with you and are willing to use their experiences to help you through your challenges.

Sounds like utopia, a mythical type of place that only exists in faraway lands.  Not the case, over the last dozen years, I have built such a community of progressive owners and are passionate about building & growing their business and helping others do the same. If my environment isn’t your cup of tea go find one or create your own.  A growth environment can also be found in conferences, classes, workshops, seminars, books, audios, and podcasts.

As you build your plan for your personal best in 2019, have you considered what environments you will put yourself in to grow and challenge you to raise the bar on your performance?

Coach Reggie


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