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My Birthday Wish

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I have successfully completed my 46th year around the sun. It has been an incredible year! I will provide more detail in the upcoming year in review but just to provide a sneak peek: Swam the Great Barrier Reef off the Coast of Australia, business is up 25% year over year, businesses I coach are experiencing great results, 1st daughter off to college, kiddo 2 and 3 are doing great, I’m consistently ranked in the top 5% of my colleagues at ActionCOACH and I am getting better and better at living life. 
Of course, it’s not all roses and disproportionately happy social media posts. I’m seeing the signs of aging and body breakdown. I have had to start to take better care of myself. I can’t go as hard as I used to. I have to eat right and exercise or the type 2 diabetes that I inherited (thanks Pops) is going to result in appendages needing to be cut off in a decade or so if I don’t keep my blood sugar down. Consistent exercise is no longer just a feel good and weight control strategy but a compulsory part of keeping my body functioning properly. I also had a good friend pass away unexpectedly. This was one of those dudes that you expected to always be around and that was just special. Also, I was humbled at the challenge of dealing with the strong-willed, high functioning and independent 18-year old I raised. I think God designs them to act a fool when they turn 18 so that you are happy to get them out of the house. It has been fascinating to watch her be humbled as she has left the nest. All of a sudden, she doesn’t know it all and her parents have gotten a lot smarter. It must be something that fancy college is teaching her.
Now on to my birthday wish. Not sure if you are aware but I have been on the Board of Directors of the Brigade Boys & Girls Club for over a decade. I have continued to support and serve that local non-profit as I see the impact that it has on the youth of our community. They are a positive place for kids that often come from not so positive homes. The club staff serves as role models, teachers, and mentors when they are often deficient of those types of people in their lives. The club kids get served a good healthy meal at night instead of what is or isn’t waiting for them to eat at home. If you want to learn more about The Club and the impactful work that they do with kids in our community, check out this video… BRIGADE VIDEO
My birthday wish is that you would consider a small charitable gift to help support the mission of The Club at Brigade Boys and Girls $10 or $20 bucks from a majority of this group of successful business people would make a HUGE DIFFERENCE. If you are willing and able to give more, all the better! $84 sponsors a kid for a year, will make you a baller in my world and you will get a virtual high 5.
So, if I have helped improve your business or life in a seminar or class, I would like you to consider paying it forward and make a small gift to the club. If I have sent you a referral that has resulted in a sale, how about sharing a little piece of the pie by giving a small gift to the club. Also, if you are a business owner that I have worked with directly in my paid programs, consider taking a piece of ROI that you have received beyond my fee and give a little piece to the club. If none of the above fits, consider a little gift “for the kids.”  It will make a difference now and years to come.
Coach Reggie

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