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Gettin’ After It with Goggins

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Over the last month, I have had some breakthroughs in a couple of key areas with the help of David Goggins. Goggins is a former Navy SEAL and all around badass that has accomplished some pretty amazing feats in his life. Just to name a few; he lost 106 pounds in 6 weeks to qualify to become a Navy SEAL, completed several ultra-marathons with minimal training and broke the Guinness Book of World Record for the number of pull-ups done in 24 hours.

More important than his accomplishments is what he had to overcome to achieve these things. When you are 300 pounds and want to become a Navy SEAL and have 6 weeks to meet their weight guidelines, you have a lot to overcome. When you are raised by an abusive father that required you to work in his business until late at night and didn’t want you to go to elementary school, that can cause an issue with your educational and emotional development. He had to go through SEAL “Hell Week” 3 times after being dropped for health issues.  My summary doesn’t do his story justice and I would encourage you to find out more about his story, obstacles, and accomplishments.

Goggins has done a great job of exposing me to the power of the mind and how can limit us for operating at our full potential.  Goggins believes that most people operate at no more than 40% of their potential. That there is a governor that our mind puts on us that helps us make excuses like: that’s too much, too far, too fast.  These types of excuses keep us from finding out what the edge of our capabilities are and then once we reach those perceived capabilities, pushing through and beyond them.

I myself can come up with some high-level excuses in certain areas of my life. Exercise is one of them. Based on the fact that I am a Type 2 Diabetic, daily exercise is critical to controlling my blood sugar levels. Despite the importance, I have extremely viable reasons not to find time to work out: I’m really busy today, I have client sessions going from 5:30 am to 6 pm some days, it’s dark outside, it’s cold, it’s raining, my wife needs her snuggles, the kids need me,  I need more sleep, I have shin splints, my knees hurt, my smartwatch and heart rate monitor is dead….  I could go on and on but you get the picture.

Insert a little Goggins in my life and he has got my butt in gear. He calls it “Gettin’ After It” and I am. I have created a no excuses commitment to a minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise, no matter what. I have taken Goggins with me and been listening to his 13-hour audiobook “You Can’t Hurt Me: Master Your Mind and Defy The Odds” every morning while working out. When shin splints slowed me down, I hopped on the bike. When I have a 5:30 am coaching session, I get up at 4:15. When my mind tries to come up with a higher quality excuse, I remind it who is in charge and I show it the hand.

Bottom line, I’m “Gettin’ After It!”  I have passed the Goggins Starter Kit to a few of the business owners that I am growing and they are “Gettin’ After It!”

Could a little Goggins help you “Get After It”?  Below is his starter kit to find out. It is a YouTube video of him being interviewed by Joe Rogan on his podcast.  If you find an audio podcast better suited for you, it is available through your podcatcher of choice. Here are the videos…


Joe Rogan in Feb 2018 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5tSTk1083VY

Joe Rogan in Dec 2018 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BvWB7B8tXK8

Jessie Itzler on David Goggins living with him – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bklrNzdtU3Q

Once you work through these, you may want to consider his audiobook for the rest of the story.

Let me know how it goes,

Coach Reggie


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