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Just Because You Have Hired a Team Doesn’t Mean You Have Built a Team

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One of the businesses I’m building has seen a massive team transformation over the last year. This business has seen pretty massive growth over the last 5 years. Went from 4 employees to 18. Hired a lot, expanded buildings, and increased sales exponentially.  Sounds great, right? While in the short run it felt good to expand, increase sales and open new offices, there was something that was missed along the way.   The owner hired a team but didn’t build the team.   The truth is that the size of the team outgrew the owner’s capacity and ability to manage it. The owner had never managed more than 2-3 people in the past and was in way over her head.  As a result, the inmates were running the asylum. Panic set in. She made some quick hires and didn’t follow the Action Hiring System. As a result, in the Winter of 2018 things were out of control. The middle management was weak, unengaged, unable to handle the front line practitioners, and at times insubordinate.  She made the mistake that as long as she hired people, they would be as wholeheartedly committed as she was….WRONGO!!!

I accelerated my coaching program from just working with her as the owner to working directly with the team on a recurring basis. We went into the increased engagement with the hope that we would continue to expand the top line sales and profits in the business. I quickly realized that we had to do a lot of repair of the foundation before we could position for growth. 

Over the last year, we have established agreed rules behavior, replaced the incompetent and unengaged mid-management, cut the rogue and toxic practitioners, and got back to the best practices of the Action Hiring System.  The owner got recommitted to regular coaching and development of each employee and has created exit strategies for those that don’t share her vision and business philosophy. I have coached, trained and helped develop the team’s skills and mindset on a monthly basis.

The transformation has been incredible. We had an annual planning session yesterday and the owner & I looked back in amazement on how the team has transformed over the last year. She moved from hiring a team to doing the work of building a team and now we are set to have an extremely special year in 2019.

Are you building your team to achieve their full potential or have you just hired and blamed them for mediocrity?  Is the weight of improvement, goal achievement and more from your business on your back or does your team share the load?  If it isn’t where you want it to be, what are you going to do to change it?

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