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Are You a Best Kept Secret?

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Do your clients think you are the greatest?  Do they tell you reasons why they are delighted they work with you instead of your competitors? Do you solve a common problem better than your competitors? If so, is that information published in the proper volume within your marketing material and is it an active part of your sales process?

In my work of building businesses, I have found that the number of delighted customers is not represented in proper proportion via testimonials, case studies, and online reviews.  As a result, businesses work much harder than they need to attract ideal prospects and convert sales.  

The primary issue is the focus and commitment to gathering testimonials. The reality is that now more than ever, prospective customers are stalking you online before they ever reach out to you.  Often their decision is made before they pick up the phone, visit your location or complete a web inquiry. If your prospects knew what your existing customers know, do you think it would make your marketing and sales efforts more profitable?

The second issue is not having a simple method to collect a testimonial. I have found that the common request to a customer is, “Would you be willing to write me a testimonial?” Often the customer will say yes but when faced with a blank piece of paper they don’t know what to write or may lack the confidence in their writing skills to put the right words on paper. I have found these 3 simple but effective questions to be fairly universal to most business categories….

What was like before you started working with (Company or Individuals Name)?

What is life like now?

What would you say to someone that is considering becoming a customer of (Company or Individuals Name)?

If the primary products or services are more expensive than the competition, you should add… Especially about the money?

Also, don’t limit the collection of this info to the written word of the customer. You can capture on phone video, audio, webcam or via interview. The key is to make it easy for your customer.

Imagine a world in which you had hundreds of video, audio, written and posted testimonials that demonstrated the true value that you bring to the marketplace. It will do wonders for your volume of inquiries, sales conversion, average sale, and profit margins.

Stop being a well-kept secret! One of the many plays in the playbook to the best 2019 ever!

Coach Reggie


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