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Why Don’t You Have 200+ Google Reviews?

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Taking the next step to get out of the “Best Kept Secret” situation that we discussed in yesterday’s Coach Reggie Play of the Day is to make sure that the world’s most used tool to find products and service (a.k.a. Google) knows what a big deal you are.

Several of the businesses that I am building have 200+ Google Reviews. You would be amazed at the impact that makes on the volume and quality of calls that they get that reference their high number of outstanding reviews. While many of their competitors have a similar number of customers and market share, their number of review dwarfs what my clients have. The difference is a conscious and regular commitment to building Google reviews…oh yea, and a systemized process to get them regularly.

The key is consistency! Consistently asking your customers, vendors, suppliers, service providers, strategic partners… to leave you a review.  Another critical piece is targeting people that have a Google account. While not all of the marketplace has a Google account, one thing is for certain, if they have an Android phone, they have a Google account.  I train my business owners and their teams to ask their customers “Is that an Android phone?”  If so, “Would willing to leave a 5-star review about your experience with me?”   If yes, “Great, can I show you how?”  At this point, I would lead them through the process of finding your business profile on your Google My Business page. Get them to hit 5 stars and open the commentary part.

Also, keep in mind that the biggest roadblock to people providing testimonials is that the majority of your customers have a lack of confidence or interest in writing a few paragraphs about your business. Now a minority are English major types that love to write paragraphs. Great, cut them loose and let them fulfill their talents on your behalf.  For the rest of the world, a couple of sentences will do. In this case, the quantity of reviews is what matters more than the number of words in each individual review. I would highly encourage you to make this an urgent matter while your customers are in your presence. Once they leave your space, the chances of them actually finishing and publishing a Google Review goes down dramatically. 

Follow this process and make a commitment to get an average of 4 Google Reviews per week. Trust me, you see 4 people per week that can provide you with a 5 Star Google Review. In one year, you will have accumulated over 200 reviews.  At that point, you will see a significant increase in leads and sales that are a result of “You have tons of great online reviews.”

Stop being a well-kept secret! One of the many plays in the playbook to make 2019 the best year ever!

Coach Reggie


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