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Want to Have an Awesome Day? Do Something that Sucks.

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The last couple of mornings have been pretty cold for my part of the world. Temps in the 20’s with wind chills in the teens. The bitter cold makes the first part the morning workout that I am committed to a bit of a challenge. To add to it, I am dealing with shin splints so I am laying off running for a bit to recover which puts me on the bicycle traveling exponentially faster through the below-freezing air. Once my torso starts to warm up a mile or so down the road, the extremities start to numb a bit. The sinuses volunteer to help warm my face by sending warm fluid down. While I appreciate the gesture from my sinuses, wiping snot with a glove isn’t ideal and the lesser of evils is to just let it ride and hope it doesn’t freeze.

I’ll save the other more gory details and just summarize that while on that ride, it SUCKS….BUT, on the other side, it feels great. Yesterday I had several great coaching sessions, energy was awesome and I felt pretty darn incredible throughout the day. I started the day with something that sucked and had an incredible day. What’s up with that? 

To the other side, why is it that when you do things that are pleasurable in the short term, you feel like crap later on. Eat a piece of cake, feel great for a few minutes and later on you feel it. Drop by Dairy Queen for a chocolate dipped cone as a mid-day reward for being an awesome human and you need a cup of coffee to recover in about an hour. I personally am a big fan of a big fat sausage, egg, and cheese on a homemade fluffy biscuit from a drive-through window. It goes down great but it doesn’t create peak performance later in the morning.

Maybe it falls back to that theory that Brian Tracey wrote about in his book “Eat That Frog.” Tracey’s theory is that if you start every day doing the toughest thing on your list, the thing that you need to do the most but you often avoid and procrastinate. He calls “The Frog”, a big slimy gooey frog. If you go ahead and choke that frog down and get it over with, the rest of the day is all downhill.

What is the thing that you do to start the day off strong and creates positive momentum through the rest of your day? What is your “Frog” that you need to get knocked out so the rest of the day easier?

Mine is getting my workout done no matter what. Now that my fingers are thawed out, I feel awesome. Hope you do too.

Coach Reggie


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