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Don’t Always Believe Your Beliefs

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Got a call from a relatively new ActionCOACH that is about 9 months out of training that is struggling and not as far along as he thought he would be at this point. He doesn’t have enough clients and income to replace the income that he had in his corporate career. As a Master Coach in the ActionCOACH system, I get these calls quite often from struggling coaches and am glad to offer my assistance.  I had a prolonged period of struggle in the ramp-up phase of my practice so I am empathetic to their plight.

So this coach’s issue was a marketing issue. His current marketing methods of networking and social media weren’t producing enough viable and interested prospects.  He also mentioned that he BELIEVED STRONGLY that it was poor positioning and not a ‘good look’ for coaches to cold or warm call business owners via telephone or walk into a business and introduce themselves to business owners. 

Here is the problem with his current plan: Business owners in our target market for one on one coaching programs are typically producing revenues of 500k – 10m.   They have 5 or more employees and they are ambitious in wanting to grow.  My 13 years of building a coaching practice has taught me that that business owners are far and few between at networking events, chamber mixers and don’t have a lot of time to spend on social media.  There are some exceptions but it is not what makes up most of the audience at these events.  If they are present in those spaces, they are very guarded from salespeople they aren’t familiar with hitting on them which is one of the reasons they often quit attending at a certain point.

Contrary to his belief, the simplest and fastest way to find a business owner prospect for business coaching that is ambitious, wants to grow and is willing to accept help is in their business where they spend 10+ hours a day.  Now it isn’t always easy to deal with the rejection that comes with cold or warm calling but it is a numbers game. With every rejection and “Get the @%&*# out of my office” you get, you will find yourself one step closer to finding someone that will see what you have to say. The bottom line is that his belief has been disproved over and over again over the last 25 years by ActionCOACH’s around the world.  His greatest mistake is that he is placing his future in his misguided belief system that is sending him to the slow and painful path of growing a coaching practice.  

There are also some great scripts and offers that he can make when he walks into those businesses that will help him have increased success in his conversion rate from cold call to an interested prospect that would move him from an unwelcomed pest to a welcomed guest.  Unfortunately, he is not currently open to learning how to make this work because he believes that is inappropriate to make a cold call to a business.

So I challenged his belief system and sent him off to some resources to help shift those beliefs.  I also recommend that he quickly find a coach that will call him out when his belief system is out of line. As a hard-headed and strong-willed individual, I have found it to be critical to have someone challenge me on my bullshit beliefs.

How about you?  Do your beliefs get in the way of your success?  Are you driven to proceed down a road of slow growth because of your misguided beliefs?  

That may be one of the reasons you are stuck where you are.


Coach Reggie


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