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Best of BEF: Lessons from a Groundbreaking Coach

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Just back from a week in Charleston at the ActionCOACH Business Excellence Forum our annual North American Conference. For me, it was 3 days of learning from successful business trainers and teachers from a variety of different backgrounds and professions.

One of my favorites was Dr. Jen Welter who has the distinction as being the first female coach in the NFL. She was powerful, motivating and delivered a powerful message to the business coaches and business owners in the room.  Here are the top points from her session were and my interpretation from it…

“A coach tells their players what they need to hear not just what makes them feel good.”

Give your honest evaluation and feedback to those that you are coaching and managing

“Our greatest accomplishment isn’t our last one…it’s our next one.”

Live for growing into the best person that you can be and don’t be satisfied with your past accomplishments. 

“You can’t command someone’s respect.  You must earn it.”

Managing through authority, position and/or intimidation is often short-lived.

“You might have to let the situation coach you.”

If something hasn’t worked out like you thought it would, what should you learn from it?

“I can’t coach you if I don’t know you.”

One of the keys to results with people is knowing who they are, what they want from life and how you are a vehicle to help them get there.  You don’t coach and two people the exact same way.

And my absolute favorite… “No risk it, no biscuit!” 

If you want to learn more from Coach Jen you can see some videos on her website https://www.jenwelter.com/

Here is a good 20-minute talk from her from a couple of years back… https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=53&v=dEdKbKtInXc

What can you do today to turn up the intensity as Coach Jen would?

Coach Reggie

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