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Fred Has Grown a Great Business by Building a Great Team

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Two options when it comes to building a great business…

Option 1 – Be a Superhero! Get up every day and put your underwear on outside of your clothes and be amazing EVERY SINGLE DAY. Be completely indispensable. Make sure that you are available and accessible at all hours. If there is growth that needs to happen in your business, you put the weight on your back and pull the cart.  If there is a problem, you solve it. If a sale needs to happen, you close it. If there is a customer that is ‘on fire’ you create water from thin air and put it out. You are a superhero for goodness sakes. Just make sure your vacation spot has good ‘bat phone’ coverage.

Option 2 – Be a Fred! Fred built a great business that has been able to expand sales exponentially (6x over the last 6 years) while growing his team 3x. He pulled that off awesome ratio by not just focusing on sales growth but also by focusing on team growth and development. The key to building a great business (without the need to jump tall buildings every day) is to build a great team.  That’s what Fred did!

My 2nd in the series of Coach Reggie’s All-Star Business Owners interview series is an in-depth discussion with Fred Kumpel of Strickland’s Blind, Shades, Shutters and Drapery, and Strickland’s Custom Garages. Fred has experienced abnormal growth over the last several years and had done so in a way that his frustration level hasn’t grown proportionally with the business as it does so often. I often hear from business owners, “I have decided that business growth isn’t worth the headaches that come with it. We are going to keep things the way they are.” Not Fred! He has swum against the tide and became a great grower of himself and his team. Along the way, he has implemented innovations such as State of the Company Day, Business Excellence Forum, weekly one to ones, regular sales training, custom built CRM and regular employee events.  The end result is that Fred has distributed the responsibility for growth amongst his team and they have taken ownership in ways that are unique to most small enterprises.

I don’t want to steal Fred’s thunder. Set some time aside and pick up some of his best practices and business building lessons by watching this in-depth candid conversation with Fred and his coach that has led him(Link to Video).

I hope it gives you some distinctions that will help you grow a great business by building a great team to run it. 

Coach Reggie


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