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How Do I Motivate Those Dang Millennials?

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Last May I had a very experienced business owner set through my Team Building Seminar at CFCC Small Business Center.  I took a straw poll of the room that asked what they wanted to get out of the session. The tenured business owner raised her hand and said, “I want to know how to motivate these dang millennials!”

After that glorious May morning, we sat down for a one on one session and ended up moving to a fairly aggressive coaching engagement. After doing some team member interviews and training, it became clear that this wasn’t a millennial problem; it was a business owner problem. The short version is that this business owner had taken the easy road to team building. She hired a couple of relatives to fill a couple of key positions. BTW, here’s a little tip, if you are looking to fill a position with the best possible person on the marketplace available at that time, the likelihood of them being related to you is very, very, very small.   On top of having the less than best on the team, the business was also missing regular team meetings, training sessions, results reporting and individual growth plans. Some of the consequences were stagnated growth, communication issues and a lack of productivity. 

Fast forward 12 months and her business looks significantly different. Most of the teachings in from the seminar have been implemented in her business to include: The ActionCOACH Hiring Process, Coaching to a Goal, Daily Huddles, Weekly Manager & Departmental Meetings and Quarterly Growth Planning. As a team, they review their numbers on a daily and weekly basis to track progress to their goals. She cut the cord on the relatives and they have moved on to opportunities more in line with their talents. Oh, by the way, the millennials that are left are KILLING IT!!! They are doing well and she has hired a couple more of them.  Believe it or not, it wasn’t a millennial thing…It was an owner thing. 

What are you doing to improve your team my sharpening your team building skills? A team will only grow to the capacity of its owner.  Are you going to blame ‘those dang millennials’ for your lack of skills on how to find the good ones or are you going to learn how to hire, train and develop the best of the bunch?  I hope you figure it out before your competitors do.

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