Be undeniably good. No marketing effort or social media buzzword can be a substitute for that.” -Anthony Volodkin, Hype Machine Founder

We’ve Gone from “Emotional Roller Coaster” to “Enjoying the Ride”!

A year ago, while lamenting about staffing issues during a business lunch, my banker offered a solution: “Why don’t you try business coaching with Reggie Shropshire?” My husband and I, who are both physicians and partners in our company, Southeastern Foot and Ankle Associates, researched Reggie’s coaching practice and decided to give him a try. A year later, we have a strong team in place; we’ve created new systems that have dramatically improved our billing and collections processes; and, we’ve launched our first company website. But that’s not all:

My husband and I were trained as surgeons and physicians. We take pride in the fact that we personally see every one of our patients and that our business has consistently grown 15-20% each year solely via word of mouth. We were not, however, trained to be business owners. Our focus is on our patients and in the past, because we didn’t feel we could depend on our office personnel, staffing issues, office procedures, billing, collections, advertising, and back office operations took, well, a back seat. We were putting up with “good enough” because we didn’t have the right support system in place to grow those aspects of our business from “good” to “great”.

Reggie introduced us to a revolutionary hiring system which allowed us to identify strong employees, including a Business Manager, who could manage our office. Then, he helped us create automated systems and introduce employee incentives that would set us up for success.              

The best part of working with a business coach has been the focus, clarity and direction, Reggie has helped us achieve. In the past, it felt like we were riding an emotional roller coaster—and I’m not a fan of roller coasters!Now, instead of stomach churning ups and downs, sudden bursts of speed followed by jolting halts and surprise twists and turns, we’re on a steady, focused, upward climb.               

My banker may have referred me to Reggie, but I have since referred him and the ActionCOACH system to many others.The financial investment felt daunting at first, but now that we’ve seen such positive results, we’re no longer concentrating on coaching fees. Instead, we’re excited to see where we’re going next! With a strong business coach on our team, our eyes are open, we’re harnessed for safety, our hands are in the air, and we’re finally enjoying the ride! — Carine Khouri McConekey, Southeastern Foot and Ankle Associates






Thanks to My Business Coach, I’m Seeing Double:Double the Sales, Double the Growth, Double the Opportunities

I’d worked with coaches in the past; in fact, it was a sales coach who referred me to ActionCOACH Reggie Shropshire. But, I’ll confess: when I first started business coaching with Reggie, I almost turned back. The initial exercises felt a lot like life coaching with a focus on my personal goals and personal development. I wasn’t sure about all of that “touchy-feely” stuff, but I soon realized its importance.

You see, I’m naturally conservative. I’m slow to change and I tend to shy away from high risk decisions. When I bought my business from the previous owners, I really didn’t envision developing beyond the existing revenue streams. I was comfortable working ‘in’ the business because it was what I’d done for years. I didn’t have much experience working ‘on’ the business. Reggie helped me see that if I wanted to achieve certain personal goals, the best way to do that was by getting off of the sales floor and leveraging my business.

Reggie brought a fresh outside perspective and the expertise to help me think much bigger. By the time we finished those initial exercises, I could see a business plan that included buying other businesses, opening additional locations, and greatly expanding my current operation. Instead of my own two eyes on the business, I now had four eyes adding sharper focus and clarity on how to develop the company to its fullest potential.

In just one and a half years, I’m well on my way to this executing this greatly expanded vision. Thanks to this new laser focus, company sales have doubled; the number of employees has doubled; and I purchased, and now operate, a ‘sister’ company with services and products that have doubled our revenue streams.

Reggie’s guidance has run the gamut from team development to employee training to internet marketing. He was instrumental in assembling a team of outside consultants (accountant, marketing, internet) who have helped me achieve rapid growth in those respective areas. For example, a year ago, I had a very dated website with moderate traffic, no blog, no newsletter for existing customers, and no social media presence to speak of. We now have a vibrant new website that’s generating online sales leads, a corporate video, and a company newsletter. We’ve even hosted a seminar to teach others how to harness the power of social media sites like Pinterest.

Reggie has also worked with me and my staff on personality profiles (using the D.I.S.C system) to improve our sales strategies and strengthen working relationships on the team. But, without a doubt, I am the one who has benefitted the most in terms of this business strength training. In the beginning, there was a lot of heavy-lifting to be done, but now that I’ve beefed up my business muscles, I’m seeing big returns on both the hard work and my coaching investment.

The way I see it, if I had continued at my own slow and steady pace, it probably would have taken me twenty years and about 10,000 business books to progress as quickly as I have with Reggie there to motivate me and insist that I step outside of my comfort zone. With his help, I have the clarity, the focus, the training and the support to capitalize on the full potential of my business right now.

As with any coaching or training program, though, you’ll get out of it what you put into it. My words of advice to anyone who hires a business coach would be: “Prepare for meetings with your coach; think about how he can help you; and use him as a resource in every area you can.” If you work the program, the program will definitely work for you. And soon, you’ll be seeing double too. — Fred Kumpel, Strickland’s Window Coverings






“Before I met Reggie, my life was far less disciplined. I was so busy with the day-to-day tasks that it left me no time to build a successful business. For example, instead of implementing a marketing plan to reach customers, I used the ‘what can I try next?’ approach to try and reach my goals. As you can guess, it wasn’t working out as well as I wanted! Honestly, I had really lost hope in achieving the success I dreamed of.

But now that Reggie has come into my life, business is prospering and moving forward! The stress level I once operated at has reached an all time low. He drives me, pushes me forward, and gets me moving to take action, all the while helping me finish tasks faster. The best part of being coached by Reggie is that he is dedicated to my success!

The business advice I’ve received from Reggie has been invaluable. He has an uncanny ability to diagnosis problems, offer solutions, and take a big picture dream and cut it into doable pieces. Best of all, he is passionate about what he does and truly cares for his clients.

To all of you out there contemplating coaching, I would say this to you: Be ready to work hard. Taking it to the next level will require dedication and hard work! Those who are ready, it is well worth the investment. In the 6 quarters that we’ve worked with Reggie, we have grown in every one! And we aren’t stopping there!    Chad Garner  Crystal Carpet & Flooring   







“I met Reggie through a mutual friend of ours. But I didn’t see the need for a coach until I went to Reggie’s 90 day planning seminar. Only after the seminar did I realize how disorganized my life was! Theoretically I knew what a profit-and-loss chart was, but I had no idea how to implement one into my business. Once Reggie started talking about the benefits of coaching, it just made sense. My only thought was “how can I make this work?”

As the old adage goes, ‘where there is a will, there is a way!’ I’ve been with Reggie for 1 year now and it has completely changed the way I do business. Instead of sitting around wondering “what should I be doing?”, I know what needs to happen on a day-to-day basis to take my business to the next level. Honestly, it’s hard to remember what life was like before Reggie! Now I know my average dollar sales, how much business I did for the day, and how much I make per week, every week!    

Reggie has improved my personal life as well. I used to come home and bounce business ideas off my wife; which, as you may guess, didn’t go over so well! Now I discuss business with Reggie so I can spend leisure time with my family.

I truly believe that Reggie has turned my life around. In my honest opinion, you are a fool if you own a business and don’t have a coach! I no longer think “How can I afford this?” Instead, I think “How can I keep this guy in my life forever?” Reggie is more than a coach for me now; in fact, I consider him more like a business partner than anything!Mark  Gonzales  Mr.  Rooter






“As a business owner, I’m here to tell you this: You can never know it all. Before Reggie started coaching me, I was ignorant to many of the things out there that could help grow my business. I found myself getting caught up in the little things, and lacking clear direction or focus. If you would have asked me what my plans for the future were, I probably would’ve just laughed.

But not any more! With Reggie’s help, we now have a strategic plan to grow our business every year, every month, and every day. The result has been astonishing! Since Reggie came on as our business coach, we have grown 25% every year for the last 5 years, and already we are experiencing a his quarter! Did I mention our company just received the personal achievement award for our industry last year? When only two are given out in the whole country, you know you are doing something right!

Today, we are training leaders. As a result, the day-to-day operations are handled by my team which frees me up to work ON the business, and not in it. Overall, being coached has been an eye-opening experience for me. Challenging. Even stressful at times. But in the end, I feel so good because I know I am always moving forward to an identified and achievable goal!

For those of you out there wondering if the investment is worth it – it is. Being coached by Reggie is a great opportunity to grow your business in ways you have never thought of! My advice to you? Keep and open mind and be ready for change, because success will only come to those willing to achieve it!

Still wondering if it’s worth it? It’s been 5 years and I’m still here. Need I say more? Matthew Sarkela of Mr. Appliance






Quite simply, I wouldn’t be where I am today had it not been for the incredible coaching I have received from ActionCOACH Reggie Shropshire. Under his guidance, I have been able to take my business in directions I never dreamed possible.

When I first started working with Reggie, I was content to book 10-15 massages per week. Then, Reggie worked with me on creating a budget, reviewing my expenses, and re-evaluating how much business I really needed to book in order to be successful. I set a goal of 20-25 massages per week, and have been consistently working in that range ever since.


Reggie also introduced me to lots of other incredible business owners with whom I’ve been able to create powerful alliances.Thanks to his introductions I now have strong relationships with a website firm, an advertising and marketing company, a copywriter, a video production company, a professional products company, and an acupuncturist with whom I do a lot of referral business. All of these people have helped to shape my own business and grow it into what it has become today.

From a personal perspective, it’s also been beneficial to share with other business owners–no matter our trade, we’re all in the same boat. I like to think of Reggie as the Captain of that boat encouraging us all to “Row!, Row!, Row!” Reggie is indeed a great Captain: he knows when to let you coast on the winds and when you need a push.

Like many busy professionals, I’m great at finding excuses for not getting certain things done.For example, my website needed work, but it just wasn’t my priority. Reggie pushed me to update and upgrade my website, and I’m so glad he did .Getting that project done freed me to pursue an entirely new venture with my business:I’ve recently filmed an educational DVD called How to Massage Your Pregnant Partner and guess what—I’m now building a second website to promote my new project, something I can easily do since my company’s main site is up-to-date. (By the way, my primary site,, is at the top of the search engines for keywords ‘massage therapy’ in the Wilmington area, another milestone I’ve reached, thanks to ActionCOACH goals.)

When we entered this recent economic recession, Reggie wouldn’t let me use that as an excuse to let up on my business. While others in my industry closed their doors, he pointed out the potential opportunities for me. Not only has my business remained strong, I’ve now launched an entirely new revenue stream for the company! I birthed (excuse the pun!) my pregnancy massage DVD in just nine months, thanks to a plan of action and target date that I created with Reggie’s help. I’m so grateful for the abundance I’ve experienced thus far and so excited about the future of my business. Thanks, “Captain” Reggie for helping me navigate toward a life of smooth sailing.–Gretchen Rivas, Relax! Massage Therapy






Since meeting Reggie Shropshire of ActionCOACH Business Coaching, our business has grown by more than 300% and we’re ahead of schedule for reaching our ultimate goal of being a multi-million-dollar business.  It all started when my business partner and I decided to attend a free seminar sponsored by Reggie.  As he spoke about the 6 Steps to Building a Better Business, I was sure he was speaking directly to us.  Although our business was doing pretty well, I realized that we were so focused on day-to-day operations we had lost sight of our long-term goals, the reasons why we had started the business in the first place.

You see, my business partner and I started our heating and air conditioning repair business very young.  I was just 23 years old, working as a waitress, while my boyfriend Allen worked more than ninety hours a week as a service repair technician.  As a result of his crazy work schedule, we didn’t get to see each other much.  And, when I saw the revenues Allen’s employer was bringing in versus the paltry pay Allen was receiving for all of his hard work, I knew what we needed to do.  Allen picked out a business name, I ordered some free business cards from the internet, and we opened our own independent heating and cooling repair service.  In less than two years, we were profitable.  Of course, this also meant that now Allen and I were both working 90 hours a week!  I felt like we had hit a wall, but I was so busy working in the business, I didn’t know how I’d ever find the time to push it through to the next level.

Reggie was genuine, humorous, and trustworthy, and he helped us realize that instead of working for our business, our business could work for us.  We didn’t really have the budget to employ a coach, but we could also see that we weren’t making it very far without one.  We contracted Reggie and literally saw a payback on our investment within the first week!  Thanks to his suggestions for our website, our search engine optimization went through the roof, immediately generating 200% more repair jobs booked via the internet.

Because I wanted to get the highest return on my investment, I implemented all of Reggie’s suggestions and did all of the assigned homework.  It felt like a true collaboration.  Sure, Reggie gave me great advice and suggestions, but I also think I taught him a thing or two!  He’s really open-minded and committed to find helping us find the best solutions using a variety of resources.  He also helped to hold me accountable to achieving success.  Some of the work felt a lot like going to the gym—you don’t want to get started, but you feel great after the workout!  Reggie made sure I stayed on track.  He recommended books, helped me implement ideas, and sometimes he just called to make sure I’d done that one thing I had promised to do.  In just five months with Reggie, our business had achieved more than we could have anticipated.

We’ve hired more employees, we’ve experienced substantial growth, but most importantly, we’re back in touch with our dreams and our goals.  And, we have a concrete action plan to help us attain them.  Reggie helped boost my confidence level; I now understand how to implement and measure the steps necessary to achieve our business goals.  As I mentioned earlier, we’re actually ahead of schedule for reaching our target goals.  I joke that one of these days I’m going to write a book:  How a Hooters Girl Became a Self-Made Millionaire.  You better believe that in the acknowledgments page, I’ll be paying tribute to Reggie Shropshire and ActionCOACH. ——Amanda Fields, All Comfort Heating & Cooling






I first met ActionCOACH Reggie Shropshire at a Chamber of Commerce event, shortly after moving to the Wilmington area and launching my own business, Just Perfect! Home Staging + More. Reggie invited me to attend on of his free seminars, and I subsequently took several of his great classes.

As a solo entrepreneur, when I needed hands-on help or wanted to talk through a business challenge out loud, I turned to my family and friends for assistance. Before long, I noticed that I was relying heavily on them for support. For me (and I’m sure for them too!), the situation felt less than perfect. After all, they hadn’t signed on for this. I missed our normal interactions and felt that my business was putting stress on my personal relationships. I didn’t want to create a long-term dynamic that centered around my business; with family and friends, I prefer to just be “Jessica”.

I felt strongly that one-on-one coaching with Reggie would give me the benefit of having an interested party who could brainstorm on business ideas and hold me accountable to meet my goals. Moreover, with a strong business advisor in place, I could rely less on my friends and family.

About a year ago, I began coaching with Reggie. One of the first things I noticed was that things started getting done faster.As a business owner, you always have an infinite “to do” list that pulls you in many different directions. Although you might be able to mentally prioritize that list, it can still be difficult to get the important stuff done. Reggie helped me create a weekly ‘short list’–each week we identify just four important tasks that I must complete, no matter what. Those four tasks are usually things that are easy to put off, but that once done will help to drive my business forward by leaps and bounds. Because Reggie helps me focus on the best items to add to that short list and because he holds me accountable (and I’m paying him to do so), I’m far more effective at getting those tasks done!

Another benefit from my coaching has been a shift in my thinking. Reggie has helped me to analyze my business from a big-picture perspective. Also, by encouraging me to take the time to celebrate my strengths and successes, he has increased my confidence. Since working with Reggie, I have landed a big staging contract and hired a great team using the unique ActionCOACH hiring process.

Best of all, I’ve reclaimed my life! I recently went to Italy on a vacation with my family and the business kept running smoothly thanks to my newly hired staff. Even better, once the plane touched down in Italy, I never discussed my business with my family even once! Finding both success and balance between my business life and my personal life has been, well, just perfect!–Jessica Pirone, Just Perfect! Home Staging + More






Before I started with Coach Reggie at ActionCOACH, I was working seven days a week. I was pretty much working all the time. My wife was about fed up with me working all those hours. Now understand, I’m not opposed to work, but it was not leaving much of a family life.


When I started working with Coach Reggie, one of the main goals was to free up my weekend and get my family time back. Reggie looked at it and helped me implement some systems and training. He also looked at getting the right people and managers in place. The end goal was stepping back my hours and putting those employees in on the weekend. We also looked at paying those key people who took those roles as well as putting responsibility and trust on those employees.


Within the first few months, I had Sunday’s off. We then started to work to get my Saturday’s off. Today, I don’t work the weekends unless three or four people are on vacation or sick.


If you are considering ActionCOACH, I would highly recommend Coach Reggie to any business owner. One of his main goals with me was to pay for himself within the first 3 months. He did that easily.


Today, Coach Reggie is helping me make more money, so at the end of the day, when I look at the profit and loss numbers, he is an investment not a cost. – Darek Huckbody, Battle House Wilmington







I have found that being a small business owner can be a real isolating experience. You can feel real lonely sometimes. I didn’t set out to be a business owner. I didn’t have any specific education that included a business degree. I do not even have an MBA. Sometimes you find something you’re good at and you decide I’m good at this and start a business.


After a certain amount of time I realized my skills were not meeting the needs. I had reached a plateau and I was at that plateau when I met Coach Reggie. I met him when I had joined the local chamber and attended a presentation by Reggie Shropshire.

My first initial consultation with him was like a therapy session. I realized he understood me and my business challenges. It was like having somebody on my team who wasn’t an employee. He became somebody on the outside who gave me objective feedback.


Life before I met Coach Reggie was somewhat challenging and lonely. I now have a support system not just with Coach Reggie but within the ActionCOACH community, which includes other business owners in town that Reggie coaches. I have learned year in and year out, it does not matter that we have different types of businesses, we all have the same problems. Every time we get together in a room, I learn as much from the other business owners as I do from Coach Reggie.


I have worked with Coach Reggie now for over 10 years. Today I would say that I’m a business owner rather than a slave to my business. I have the ability to come and go. I have an understanding of how to run a team that supports my customers and a business that supports me. I’m doing what I want to do. I’m living my life and yet I have a business that is flourishing and is supporting my team as well.


I have consistently invested in a coach, on a monthly basis, for close to 10 years now. Obviously, I have found it to be worthwhile. I don’t even know how much I spend on Coach Reggie on a monthly basis. At this point I feel that initially, it has to hurt a little bit because everybody needs that kick in the tail to make them do something. People can give you good advice all day long and you’re not going to act on it unless you’re paying somebody a significant sum of money each month. When you get advice from Coach Reggie, you’re actually going to take action – Star Sosa, Spectrum Fine Jewelry



Before I met ActionCOACH and Coach Reggie, I was just winging it. My business ownership experience was just making lots of mistakes. Some of those were big, expensive mistakes. I was fortunate to have growth as well. The challenge was I did well in a few areas but I wasn’t really managing growth. I had lots of stressful and chaotic days.


Now that I’m working with ActionCOACH and Coach Reggie, I think some of the stuff that really helped was learning more about business ownership. I always knew about it. I now know more about management, business ownership, leadership, growth, profitability, and KPI’s. Some of these things were foreign to me and it’s crazy because I even have a 4-year Business Degree and a master’s degree in computer science.

I feel like I just wasn’t really prepared for business ownership before I met Coach Reggie. Nothing really geared me up for that. Now with Coach Reggie, I get that personal one-on-one approach. He helps me to stay focused and grow the business. I am now able to succeed with a lot less stress. I can take vacations now and cashflow does not suffer when I am gone. I’ve learned to grow and motivate a team that now can do a lot of the work without me being there. It’s offered me a lot more freedom and flexibility. I am not quite where I want to be yet but I am a lot further along than without Coach Reggie.


Just so you know, I was hung up on the cost of coaching initially. During our meeting, Coach Reggie talked a lot about helping me change and growing my business, but I was stuck on the price. Reggie told me, “Brian don’t worry about it. I’ll find my fee for you and I will find it quickly” He didn’t lie. He delivered and it was no longer a concern or objection of mine. The nice thing is it only took about two months. For anyone considering getting a coach, DO IT. – Brian Satz, Computer Warriors



Life before I met Coach Reggie was routine and somewhat unexciting and flat from a revenue point of view. Life was also tiresome from the amount of work I was doing.


Now that I have had the opportunity to work with Coach Reggie, all of those things have changed. There is a lot more excitement. We are adding clients weekly. We have really developed some of the service offerings we have beyond where we were originally. The business is no longer stagnant. We are continuing to grow as Coach Reggie has been able to help us in the marketing of these services. I am actually working less hours in my business than I was before and I have the appropriate staff for dealing with the everyday business tasks that I was dealing with previously. 

It took me three visits from Coach Reggie before I decided to employ him for the task of coaching me and my business. And I will say that initially I did view that as a tremendous expense but what happened after the first couple of meetings with Coach Reggie, it was clear to me that the expense could easily be covered by the areas of growth that he was able to explain to me that would be coming. While it actually took a month or two to see that happen, it was very apparent after a couple of months that I made the correct choice. – John Stemke – JHS Document Solutions





Life before Coach Reggie was good but a little hectic. It was not as profitable.


One I started working with Coach Reggie and ActionCOACH it has become a little easier. There is a little more piece of mind. I feel a little more relaxed. I do not worry about some of the things I did before and part of that is the knowledge I now have the things I discussed and he recommended.


If someone approached me and asked me about working with Coach Reggie. I would tell them definitely go ahead with it and hire Coach Reggie. The reason of the expense of a coach should not concern you as it is a lot like marketing. If you spend money but it returns to you threefold, what is the harm in spending the money. You would be crazy not to hire Coach Reggie. – Josh Morris – UPS STORE





Before I began working with Coach Reggie, I was massively overworked and I did not have a lot of joy in my life. I felt very worried about my business. I felt like I had a lot of pressure on my shoulders and just did not feel confident about the future.


Since I have had the opportunity to work with Coach Reggie, one word comes to mind – Professional. I have become a professional business owner and I absolutely owe that to Reggie. I do all kinds of things that I thought I would never do. They seem obvious, but like calling back leads multiple times. I hate talking on the phone and he helped me with that. He helped me get out there in the public   and do more networking. This was something I was definitely afraid of doing. He helped me face my fears and overcome them.

If someone approached me about hiring Coach Reggie, I would say absolutely hire Reggie as he is worth every penny if not many, many more. Pretty much any massively successful person that your read about or see on TV is involved with some sort of coaching program because it is all about continual growth. I hired Coach Reggie the moment I made my first check so I did not even put it in my pocket. I hired a business coach and really can you afford not to is really the question? – Leslie Talbott – Go Girl Fitness Studios









Patti Baker – McKenzie Baker

Gotten me back in focus


Lauren McAllister – Start with the Boss

This workshop shines a light on me and opened my eyes about employees and customer types.Pointed out some things I need to work on and reinforced several big changes I have been making (professionally and personally)


Christopher Sims – The Computer Warriors

I knew some of these types but after this I had more clarification. This class really helped me with understanding my staff.


Lucy Pittman – Blockade Runner

I had already taken assessment and this workshop was much more digestible than previous workshop. Coach Reggie entertains and enlivens dense material.


Mike Edwards – Precision CAMS

Great info, really enjoyed it


Rick Ruiz – HF Financial

Great content – had realization of current state of staff and we can effectively re-motivate


Steve Krasnipol – Wealth Coach of North Carolina

Many concepts I have experienced, but what a great refresher. Great to help refocus & re-motivate


Megan Kopka – Ferrer Advisory Services

Great time of year. Great life position. I am being asked to divide time on what I know doesnt work